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Farnam Electrodex

60,00 د.إ260,00 د.إ
America’s original equine electrolyte Supplies the electrolytes active horses may lose in training or competition Cherry-flavored micro-blend for use in

Farnam Grow Colt

135,00 د.إ400,00 د.إ
Growth and Development Supplement 
  • Formulated with 27 nutrients, such as protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, necessary for the health of growing foals
  • Supports normal, consistent growth and development
  • Supports proper bone and connective tissue development
  • Provides nutrients to help support the immune system
  • Supports first-year nutritional demands!
  • Easy-to-feed PELLETS!
  • Available in 30-day and 60-day Supply
  • Supplements for every age and every stage. 

Farnam red cell

130,00 د.إ

Farnam Red Cell

Liquid multi vitamin feed supplement for horses. The number one liquid feed supplement in the world. The “industry standard” vitamin - mineral supplement for fueling champion horses. Contains 300 mg of chelated iron per once (30 ml). Potent, reliable and homogenized for maximum consistency. Yucca flavoring for added palatability. Safe for racing and competition horses.

Farnam Sand Clear

135,00 د.إ440,00 د.إ

Natural Psyllium Crumbles

Helps to Reduce the Risk of Digestive Colic

Farnam Weight Builder for Horse

225,00 د.إ540,00 د.إ
For Weight Builder Equine Weight Supplement—IMPROVED FORMULA
  • Adds calories without the risk of digestive upset
  • 50% fat helps maintain optimal body condition
  • No sugar added for horses with dietary restrictions
  • Delivers a calming energy for performance
  • Promotes healthy skin and a glossy coat
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed meal and heat-stabilized rice bran
  • Easily digestible source of energy
  • Added calcium to help maintain calcium-phosphorous ratio
  • Ideal for performance horses, mature horses, underweight horses and seniors
  • Available in a 30-day and 90-day Supply

Franam Cool pack Green Jelly

125,00 د.إ
Original green cooling jelly For temporary relief of minor soreness and stiffness caused by overexertion Cools, soothes and tightens Draws

Pegasus Mix

68,00 د.إ
Product Benefits : The best value coarse mix for all horses and ponies in light work, with fibre energy and


103,00 د.إ
  • Brand: SPILLERS
  • Product Code: 01SPL028
  • Availability: 100
  • AED103

Spillers Cool Mix

90,00 د.إ

Products benefit :

  • Provides naturally balanced energy for horses and ponies with low to medium energy requirements.
  • Open textured mix with natural ingredients that have undergone minimal processing.
  • Includes wholesome cereals, such as steam flaked barley, maize and peas alongside cereal fibers and rapeseed oil.
  • Contains all the vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet to support your horse or pony’s all round, long term health.

spillers Digest & Conditioning Mix

95,00 د.إ

High fibre, low starch cube for optimum condition & digestive health

  • Format: Cubes
Pack weight: 20kg
  • Approx. weight in Stubbs scoop: 1.9kg